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We have been working on a sustainability project both at our manufacturing site and a pilot project for used plastic guards.  This is driven from our goal to reduce waste to landfill and the improve the environmental footprint for Rhino, our customers and industry.  The recycling scheme will depend entirely on the ability of everyone to adhere to the requirements so that the recycling can be cost-effective.

We would like to extend this recycling project to selected customers on a trial basis. 


Recycling Requirements

To be eligible for guard recycling, please ensure the following requirements can be completed:

  1. Rhino Plastic Guards only.    
    1. All our products are labelled Rhino with ‘PL’ part numbers. 
  2. Guards must be free from anything non-plastic:
    1. Attachments, e.g. saddles, clamps or other fittings. 
    2. Metal, e.g. bolts, nuts, screws. 
    3. Debris, e.g. stones, tar or bitumen. 
  3. Guards must be packed on a pallet with a minimum weight of 200kg (excl. pallet)
    1. Operate on the basis of an average weight of 5kg per guard (e.g. 5kg x 40 guards = 200kg).  This enables economies of scale for freight and recycling processing.  Please see the image below for an example of acceptable packing. 

Label the pallet with the sender name, company, contact phone/email and address.  


How do I return Guards?

If you can meet ALL of the above requirements, please complete the online application form here and we will assess each application.  Selected locations may qualify for free freight. 


Please complete the form below to register.